To tackle climate change we need to both reduce greenhouse gas emissions AND remove greenhouse gasses from the atmosphere.​

The Carbon Removal Centre is a collaboration of entrepreneurs, companies, academics and practitioners in this sector. We grew out of a series of Carbon Removal Network events.

We aim to:
  • Develop independent thinking in the sector
  • Provide a unifying voice for the advancement of carbon removal
  • Expand capabilities around carbon removal
  • Facilitate deployment of carbon removal projects
Carbon Removal (a.k.a. Carbon Dioxide Removal, Carbon Drawdown, Greenhouse Gas Removal and ‘Negative Emissions’) can be done using new farming practices, planting trees, restoring ecosystems, and by using industrial processes like bioenergy with carbon capture and storage. We can even directly capture greenhouse gasses from ambient air using similar chemistry to the filters used in space vehicles and submarines.

Join the Carbon Removal network

Join an open and inclusive network exploring emissions removal from technological, economic and social perspectives. Regular network events and a chance to shape the debate.