To address climate change, we need to BOTH reduce emissions AND remove excess carbon from the atmosphere.

The Carbon Removal Centre is a collaboration of entrepreneurs, companies, academics and practitioners. We grew out of a series of Carbon Removal Network events and workshops.

We aim to:

  • Develop independent thinking in the carbon removal arena
  • Provide a unifying voice for the advancement of carbon removal
  • Expand capabilities around carbon removal
  • Facilitate the deployment of a diverse range of carbon removal projects

Carbon Removal processes (a.k.a. Carbon Dioxide Removal, Carbon Drawdown, Greenhouse Gas Removal and ‘Negative Emissions’) extract excess carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. 

Carbon removal is possible with a diverse set of approaches. These include new farming practices, growing forests, restoring ecosystems, enhancing natural processes, and with new clean technologies that can scrub carbon dioxide directly from the air.

Join the Carbon Removal network

Join an open and inclusive network exploring emissions removal from technological, economic and social perspectives. Regular network events and a chance to shape the debate.