Our Vision

Carbon Removal Centre (CRC) envisions a high-integrity carbon removal sector that plays an effective and timely role in delivering climate action, and manages risks based on shared understanding and dialogue between companies, civil society, and policy makers.

Our Mission

Carbon Removal Centre is a convening body that guides and brings together companies and civil society groups to address knowledge gaps around large-scale carbon removal to inform better governance and practice. It does this to deliver high-integrity solutions that reduce uncertainty, manage risk, and support just, equitable, and sustainable climate action.

We help organisations to:

  • Explore their needs, knowledge gaps, and issues of concern.
  • Envision their unique place within the carbon removal landscape, and how best to achieve that.
  • Engage constructively across silos to overcome distrust, and establish and achieve shared goals.

Our Values

Climate positive integrity—beyond compliance

Our activities must support, and not undermine, sustainable climate action, planetary health, and human wellbeing.

Inclusive and bottom-up 

We believe the participation of many diverse actors is essential to achieve high-integrity carbon removal, and to reduce the risk of adverse outcomes. No one actor or community can succeed alone; there is no-one-size-fits-all solution. Decisions and actions need to support a range of goals, values and perspectives.

Anticipatory and adaptive

This is a rapidly evolving sector. New approaches and best practices are constantly being developed, and unexpected outcomes may occur. Companies and civil society need to engage in constant interactive learning, and prepare for potential future challenges. We do not advocate any one specific solution, but rather an approach that is responsive to diverse and changing needs.

The CRC Board & Team

Join our network

Joining the Carbon Removal Network is the best way to access our growing community of learning, debate and events on carbon removal. As a network member you will receive priority access to:
  • live events and webinars
  • a chance to share problems and ask questions of the wider membership
  • and as we build, the latest findings and synthesis from carbon removal research and sector development
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