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Developing an Atmospheric Restoration Accelerator

Working in collaboration with industry, policymakers and the public, to realise and scale greenhouse gas removal technologies in a manner that is socially and environmentally sustainable. It is widely agreed that protecting life on our planet requires a dramatic reduction in the carbon footprint of individuals, organisations and societies. Less well known is that most of the scenarios for staying … Read More

A down-to-earth look at Biochar

In this inaugural episode of CARBON MATTERS, Dr. Stephen Hall talks with Dr Saran Sohi, biochar and soil specialist at the UK Biochar Research Centre, exploring the properties of Biochar and its potential use as a tool for carbon removal. They discuss the history of the material, its potential role in addressing challenges facing modern agriculture and the ways in … Read More

Is carbon neutral enough?

Can corporates play a role in accelerating the momentum to a carbon negative economy?  Today: carbon offsetting for carbon neutral goals Carbon offsetting to date has provided an option for those companies that face challenges abating their emissions at source, or who simply seek an alternative to doing so. By offsetting its emissions, a company can claim it has reduced … Read More

Building capacity for industry to engage with carbon removal via a Carbon Removal Playbook

This blog first appeared on Francesca Battersby is currently working with Foresight Transitions to deliver a Carbon Removal Playbook. She has conducted extensive research into greenhouse gas removal (GGR), from both a natural and social science discipline, and has recently authored the joint piece The UK net-zero target: Insights into procedural justice for greenhouse gas removal. [The views of guest … Read More

Building networks to scale up carbon dioxide removal

This blog first appeared on The challenges of greenhouse gas emissions reductions makes it increasingly likely that, globally, large-scale greenhouse gas removal (GGR) from the atmosphere will also be required to avoid the worst impacts of climate change.[1] Estimates of the scale of removal required vary but are substantial. The median estimate of CO2 removal from Bioenergy from CCS … Read More