Engagement Workshops

Carbon Removal Centre’s engagement workshops bring together diverse stakeholders to explore the questions, challenges and opportunities around high integrity carbon dioxide removal (CDR). 

The third stage in our three-part process for building capacity (Explore, Envision, Engage), ‘Engage’ comprises a multi-stakeholder workshop aimed at building a much deeper understanding, from multiple perspectives, of what high integrity CDR looks like, to inform decision-making within sectors and organisations. Engage workshops to date have been trialled with the Chemicals and Tech sectors, and will be expanded much more widely over the coming months.

Engage workshops can be convened with corporates, civil society groups, and policy thinkers, to help decision-makers navigate this complex space.

If you would like to be a part of, or help us convene, one of these sessions, please do get in touch.

21/2/22 Tech sector workshop

8/2/22 Chemicals sector workshop

Upcoming – March 2022  Insurance sector

Identifying key concerns

Sessions start with an introduction to the concept of carbon removal, and the reason for convening the workshop. The first exercise invites participants to reflect on why it is a relevant topic for the convened group to consider, and the important challenges and opportunities they face. Participants can share their initial questions on a shared whiteboard, and hold these questions through the subsequent activities.

Exploring scenarios with personas

Engage workshops can include roleplay exercises, in which participants are asked to adopt a specific persona and explore a hypothetical CDR decision-making scenario. The persona approach helps to reveal the distinct concerns of different players – including CDR suppliers, corporates, and civil society groups – as well as highlights the different choices and pathways available to each. 

Participants are assigned a persona before the session and are asked to bear in mind the key drivers and objectives of this persona as they move through the exercise. These drivers inform the participants’ thinking and responses to one another as they work through a key question. For example, the Chemicals workshop asked participants to explore the implications for fictional company Excellent Chemicals, of adopting an insetting, compared with an offsetting, approach to CDR.

While these corporate personas will relate to the participant’s specific experience, addressing these questions in the form of roleplay can free participants from organisational constraints. This allows for a freer discussion and reveals insights relevant to a wider audience associated with the personas, not the engaged participants alone.

Mapping the value chain

The Positively Negative programme focuses on using stakeholder dialogues to chart the value chain and key dynamics around different carbon removal approaches. The programme rotates through a six-month schedule, convening a group to explore a specific CDR method each month. CRC can then use the issues raised in sessions with corporates and civil society to develop multiple layers to these maps — from physical and infrastructural to social and political.

Learn more about our participatory mapping exercises here:

Capturing key questions and charting the way ahead

On the basis of these workshops, CRC writes a Sector Engagement Guide identifying key questions to be addressed, which is shared with participants for feedback. These Guides are then targeted at key sector bodies as well as policymaking fora, such as thinktanks and government consultations. 

These guides are used to:

  • Inform individual organisations as they explore their carbon removal strategy,
  • Inform policy makers about challenges identified by market participants,
  • Inform civil society groups about the emerging options and associated risks and opportunities as CDR develops, so they can better inform public and private action.

In each case, they are also a tool to reflect diverse perspectives about how CDR should take place, to build a shared vision for the CDR sector. 

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