Chemicals Sector Workshop

When: 8th February 2022, 13.00-15.00 GMT Where: Microsoft Teams What: Carbon Removal Centre convened a diverse group of stakeholders to explore pathways for carbon dioxide removal (CDR) engagement in the Chemicals sector. This represented the ‘Engage’ stage of the Centre’s

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Carbon Matters

Exploring developments in greenhouse gas removal and its role in tackling climate change Podcaste Series Hosted on Anchor FM 


Climate, Carbon an… In this episode we explore the potential of the oceans to act as a carbon sink with our guest Sophie Gill, from the University of Oxford, specialising in Greenhouse Gas Removal through enhanced weathering.  Sophie shares with us insights from the work she has been conducting on coccolithophores, carbon cliffs and the importance of marine health for protecting the planet. This episode of CARBON MATTERS is hosted by Chloe Foster, from the Applied Negative Emissions Centre, and Adam Gray, from the Carbon Removal Centre. Resources: Oxford Departmental research webpage: Ocean CDR website: Sophie’s Twitter Handle: @sophiejgill  
Between a rock and a hotter place … Delving into the science of enhanced weathering, Associate Professor Dr Phil Renforth from Heriot-Watt university and the Research Centre for Carbon Solutions, joins Dr Stephen Hall to explain how pulverising rocks and construction waste could be used as a carbon removal technique (aka ‘enhanced weathering’), the potential benefits, risks and logistical challenges associated with it and the next steps in scaling up these efforts. Join our conversation and find out how new technology can be integrated into existing systems, creating a low carbon future. Research Centre for Carbon Solutions: Carbon Removal Centre: Website: LinkedIn Applied Negative Emission Centre (ANEC): Website: LinkedIn: Twitter: @ANEC_global | Instagram: @anec_global

A down to earth look at Biochar …
In this inaugural episode of CARBON MATTERS, Dr. Stephen Hall talks with Dr Saran Sohi, biochar and soil specialist at the UK Biochar Research Centre, exploring the properties of Biochar and its potential use as a tool for carbon removal. They discuss the history of the material, its potential role in addressing challenges facing modern agriculture and the ways in which the adoption of biochar could be scaled-up to a national level.

This episode is brought to you by the Carbon Removal Centre in partnership with the Applied Negative Emissions centre. Resources related to this episode:
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