The Carbon Removal Centre is aiming to accelerate carbon removal from the atmosphere and build an inclusive community around the sector.

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Our networks origins and philosophy

With the exception of ocean sequestration, all CO2 removal technologies have to be deployed somewhere, and have to be retrofitted into communities and ecosystems.

Even in sparsely populated areas, landscape scale CO2 removal technologies will impact cultural and land use practice, and will have to gain grassroots support, as well as needing viable business models.

Substantial research and development, technology deployment support and market development policies are needed to stimulate CO2 removal along the whole value chain,[5] in a way that does not transgress sustainability limits, creating unintended detrimental environmental impacts.

In short, CO2 Removal must be economically viable, operate within sustainability limits and socially legitimate.

Reference Five

BEIS, 2017. Clean Growth Strategy

So how do we make this happen?

This question is what drove a group of colleagues and I to establish the Carbon Removal Network in June 2018 to advance constructive dialogues and collective action in carbon across the UK, and potentially further afield.  We see the Carbon Removal Network interacting with other national and international processes by giving a more bottom-up perspective of the viability, feasibility and desirability for developing CO2 removal technologies and their associated value chains to allow the calibration of the scale at which they might be deployed at a national and international level.

In short, we are seeking to enter an explicit dialogue with specific sections of society, to understand what type of CO2 removal business cases can be built, in which sector they could thrive, and what kind of societal legitimacy is needed to justify the inevitable support needed for taxation and subsidy.

This includes exploring how national and local sector regulation can be seen as procedurally just, how the business models proposed may affect existing rights and access of sectors of society, and where new regulatory or judicial structures may be required.

Key to this are questions of who governs the process, regulates its actors and creates the institutional ‘rules of the game’.

Since the first meeting in June 2018 where the foundational 9 members of the network met over pizza and beer to workshop what the problem set was likely to be to allow the establishment and scaling of a Carbon Removal Centre – the network has grown to 300 active members. 

We have held 10 workshops and meet-ups with themes ranging from what services a Carbon Removal Centre would provide; to the narratives around which different actors engaging in GGR should generate to give meaning to audiences as to their actions engaging in Carbon Removal; to proto-market requirements needed to establish a GGR market, event holding panel sessions with Carbon Capture and Utilisation innovators and incumbents seeking to engage in the carbon removal sector.