Positively Negative

Participatory Mapping Programme


Carbon Removal Centre has completed a beta version of the “Positively Negative” programme – a series of events illustrating real-world CDR value chains by mapping them with networks of on-the-ground players.

Using the systems mapping tool KUMU to bring this to life, the programme helps us to create overviews of the main CDR methods by bringing together many points of view from across multiple sectors.

Positively Negative highlights both the financial and non-financial value that can be created by removing greenhouse gases. It will provide new data to inform the development of this emergent sector from the bottom up. 

Key questions include: Who is going to be involved? What supply chains are affected? Where are the revenues for different negative emission technologies? How do we create and capture revenues and non-cash benefits when deploying new technologies? What new partnerships are needed to make this a reality?

What we’ve done so far


In alignment with the CO2RE programme of UK demonstrator projects we have completed a first round of engagements to map the following CDR value chains. Each value map has included international perspectives while focusing generally on UK and EU regions. 

Participants include a broad range of perspectives and for each session we seek to convene a balance of the following actors:

  • CDR developers
  • NGOs
  • Researchers
  • Corporates
  • Policy & regulation specialists
  • Entrepreneurs

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