Reports and Databases

Geoengineering Google Group [Database – Ongoing] Youtube PlaylistNote that both Solar Radiation Management and Carbon Dioxide Removal material is presented on this channel.

Larry Fink, Chair and CEO of Blackrock with $8.7 Trillion under Management 2021Letter to CEOs.  See section – The Opportunity of the Net Zero Transition.

Carbon Dioxide Removal Primer 2021 – A new resource on the fundamentals of carbon dioxide removal and its role in addressing the climate crisis. Read here.

United National Principles for Responsible Investment 2020 – An investor guide to negative emission technologies and the importance of land use. As momentum towards net zero rises around the world, this report provides much needed transparency on the importance of land use and the role of Negative Emissions Technologies (NETs) in the transition.

Carnegie Climate Governance Initiative Learn C2GL [Database – Ongoing] – is a series of online events, designed to catalyse learning about climate-altering approaches and their governance. Featuring leading international experts and practitioners, events include both formal webinars and informal ‘campfire chats’, convened regularly throughout the year, with opportunities for questions and answers.

Forum for Climate Engineering Assessment [Database – Ongoing] – Carbon Dioxide / Negative Emissions Biblography. A bibliography of 1000’s of peer-reviewed and gray literature of CDR/NETs. 

Forum for Climate Engineering Assessment [Database – Ongoing] – Carbon Removal Action Tracker.  Tracking corporate commitments to Net Zero and the establishment of Carbon Removal Projects.

Carbon Dioxide Removal Law [Database – Ongoing]
An annotated bibliography of legal materials related to carbon dioxide removal and carbon sequestration and use.  This site is an annotated bibliography of legal materials pertaining to carbon dioxide removal, and to utilization and storage of carbon dioxide. Sources are listed under the technical pathway(s) to which they are relevant; many sources appear more than once because they are relevant to more than one pathway.

The Economist Intelligence Unit 2020. Investing in Carbon Removal: Demystifying Existing Approaches. An accessible landscaping of the GGR sector and the individual technologies.

International Energy Agency 2020. CCUS in Clean Energy Transitions: ETP Special Report

Heap, R., Workman, M.H.W., Hall, S. and Armstrong, H., 2020. Putting People and Communities into Greenhouse Gas Removal: Commercial and Socio-Legal Evidence Project. Full report, Summary and Executive Summary. Research funded by the Climate Works Foundation and undertaken in the Leeds Yorkshire area to assess how and why publics and communities must be brought into the Greenhouse Gas Removal agenda as efficiently as possible.

Energy Transitions Commission 2020. Making Mission Possible: Delivering a Net-Zero Economy.

Green Alliance 2020. The flight path to net zero: Making the most of nature based carbon offsetting by airlines.  A report assessing the mechanisms by which the aerospace sector might pump prime a Nature Based Solutions GGR Sector in the UK.

World Resources Institute 2020. Carbonshot: Federal Policy Options for Carbon Removal in the United States

Rhodium Group 2019. Capturing Leadership: Policies for the US to Advance Direct Air Capture Technology  Report assessing how the US could lead the development and scaling of Direct Air Capture Technology and the associated benefits of doing so.

Vivid Economics 2019. Greenhouse Gas Removal (GGR) policy options.  Report undertaken for the UK government to assess the policy options for establishing and scaling a UK GGR sector.

Committee on Climate Change 2019. Net Zero – The UK’s contribution to stopping global warming  Landmark Report which explains how the UK might achieve Net Zero by 2050.

Royal Society and Royal Academy of Engineering 2018. Greenhouse gas removal Report. Offers high-level summary of the carbon removal challenge, focusing on the risks and benefits associated with different technologies and noting some potential governance challenges for deploying these.

Research Papers

The UK net-zero target: Insights into procedural justice for greenhouse gas removal. O’Beirne, P., Battersby, F., Mallett, A., Aczel, M., Makuch, K., Workman, M., and Heap, R., 2020. In Environmental Science & Policy. 

Greenhouse gas removal technologies: A focus on the commercial opportunityPlatt, D., Workman, M.H.W., and Hall, S., 2019.
A Grantham Institute Discussion Paper.

Negative emissions—Part 1: Research landscape and synthesisMinx et al. (2018) In Environmental Research Letters 13(6)

Negative emissions—Part 2: Costs, potentials and side effectsFuss et al. (2018) In Environmental Research Letters 13(6)

Negative emissions—Part 3: Innovation and upscalingNemet et al. (2018) Environmental Research Letters 13(6)


Financial Times 15th July 2020 – Start-ups test ideas to suck CO2 from atmosphere. Widespread targets to reduce emissions to net zero have boosted interest in ‘direct air capture’ technology. [2.50 – 3.14 seconds]

“At present, there is no market for carbon dioxide removal, so the big question is, how do we generate a market from a standing start?”