Carbon Removal Centre Corporate Engagement: Sector-specific CDR Engagement Guides

What is a CDR Engagement Guide:

  • Carbon Removal Centre has created CDR Engagement Guides for the Tech and Chemicals sectors.
  • Following our February ‘Engage’ workshop sessions these reports were curated as a tool to advance the understanding of the relationship between CDR and these sectors.
  • Not only does it reveal opportunities available to companies in these respective sectors, but it also presents key questions that companies will have to face in an engagement.
  • Some of these questions will require further independent or sector-wide evaluation to truly answer.
  • These guides aim to better understand CDR engagement at the sector level and reveal areas of opportunity for further support either from research or policymakers to better create high integrity CDR.

Why are they needed:

  • These sectors have unique abatement challenges that make them opportunities for legitimate CDR interaction.
  • The Chemicals sector is facing a significant abatement challenge, owing to direct fossil fuel activity in its processes, while the Tech sector is complicated by international value chains and significant Scope 3 emissions. They represent two very different struggles in abatement that lend themselves to corporate CDR exploration.
  • Both sectors could benefit from high integrity carbon removal to place them on a credible decarbonisation pathway.

What’s next:

  • The report defines key questions facing corporates engaging in CDR.
  • First, companies will have to grapple with questions concerning their corporate abatement challenges, followed by an assessment of their internal capacity for CDR. Next, they can begin to ask questions specific to CDR, first on the surrounding landscape and then specific at the project level. Finally, corporates will face questions concerning the nature of their engagement that will require frequent re-evaluation to maintain integrity.
  • To legitimately develop high integrity CDR in these sectors, these questions require serious consideration and on occasion further research from the sector and its supporting bodies.
  • These questions should inform policymakers and work to positively advance these sectors as they decarbonise.
  • Carbon Removal Centre intends to continue this sector level evaluation of corporate engagement. With further investigation, the complexities and intricacies of CDR in different sectors are better understood and can be more appropriately managed and overcome in search of high integrity CDR.

CDR Engagement Guide for the Tech Sector

(March 2022)

CDR Engagement Guide for the Chemicals Sector

(March 2022)