Carbon Removal Status Report

Carbon Removal Centre helps organisations to envision their unique place in the carbon removal landscape.

This includes the option of one-on-one consultations, in which we jointly explore your goals, make a first assessment of what CDR options might be most appropriate for you, and identify further engagements which can help you make high-integrity decisions.

This information is used to curate a CDR Status Report, that reveals the risks, challenges, and potential approaches and opportunities for engagement, as well as an assessment of CDR engagement in your sector at large.

Creating your Status Report

Explore: A 30 min introductory chat, to get an initial sense of your needs. 

Envision: 1-hour in-depth investigation of organisational operations, climate activities, as well as wider mission and values. 

CDR Status Report: identifies key organisational and sectoral considerations, for further examination within an Engage session. 

Engage: We feed the insights from the Envision interview and Status Report to create an engagement workshop, where we explore the challenges and opportunities with other stakeholders along the CDR value chain.


  • Relevant CDR resources to support capacity building
  • CDR options and opportunities available to you
  • The complexities and uncertainties associated with these options
  • High-level challenges for CDR engagement
  • Specific challenges and opportunities potentially facing their sector.


Would you like to commission a Carbon Removal Status Report?

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